Where the Wild Things Are

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For this year’s Halloween Parade in New York City, we decided to do a few of the characters from ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. I was Alexander (the Goat), and my better half was KW…

There’s a load of in-the-making photos that I posted up on flickr, which show the making of the ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ Costumes. They took us about 2 weeks of evenings to complete, but we’re pretty happy with the result!

Where the Wild Things Are (KW)To the left is a picture of the ‘dress rehearsal’ test for KW. We made the mistake a couple of years ago with the Lego Costumes, of not trying everything on together (just testing the head, then the bodies etc). So we were in for a huge shock when we finally put everything on down at the start of the parade route.

This time we were better prepared. And a little bit more confident.

I’ll leave the detailed description of how the costumes were made, as there’s a running commentary over on the flickr photos step-by-step as we were making them.

One thing that I was kinda shocked about was that one group came with a live Llama. Yep, a live llama. So here I am, standing around dressed as a giant white goat, and this Llama has to be in the group immediately in front of us. Apparently it was eying me suspiciously the whole time, and even came over to sniff me and check me out at one point – hopefully someone got a photo of that. Goodness knows what the llama made of it.

Where the Wild Things Are (Alexander)Everything went well with the parade – apart from the rain making the costumes (basically 90% fur and foam) soak up gallons of water. Landed up making them massively heavy compared to the dry version, but we made it through to the end.

I also massively underestimated the ability to see out of the head – my vision point was through the gap under the top lip , through the teeth of the goat. However, with a mixture of having to look down to see through the gap, and also having to keep my head level to keep the head on, things got uncomfortable pretty quickly. I also didn’t have time to put fans in the heads this year (like I did with the Legos) so it was like a sauna in there!

Luckily we had a fantastic group of minders, who guided us through the whole parade, generally taking care of when we should go/stop, which direction we should walk in, and other fundamental parade-necessities. You guys are awesome, and thanks for helping us out!

It was also pretty encouraging to be passing people as we were on the way back from the parade, saying that they’d seen us on TV, and that they loved the costumes! Makes it all worth it. We were all interviewed at one point by NY1 with the whole group – there were also 3 other friends who went as the dragon (from the book), Carol and their little ‘un who played a perfect Max!

Here’s a few images from the in-the-making series over at flickr:

Update: There are a few links on the internet turning up, including a Gallery from the Examiner, with pictures of Carol, KW and Alexander in the featured gallery. Also a really (really) short snippet of the longer interview that the TV station ‘NY1′ did with us. You can see a short clip over at the NY1 Village Halloween Parade Clip:

Where the Wild Things Are Halloween NY1

And also spotted in the ‘Village Voice’ Halloween slide show 2009

Al has also put up a detailed description of the making of his ‘Carol’ costume, over at the instructables site.

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