NYC Halloween Parade 2008

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Photo courtesy of Tom Henry

First thing’s first… this post is filed under ‘Not Photography’ for a reason! I mean there are photos in the post, but that’s about as close as it gets…

Things tend to get a little quiet around this time of year (photo-taking-wise) as we panic about attempting to make Halloween costumes for the parade in NYC down in the village. This year, the parade theme was ‘ghosts’, so we decided to try to stick to something close. Enter, Pacman and the Ghosts….

As usual, after months of saying that we should be prepared… we should start early… we should begin planning them… it was left ’til the last week. Nights and early mornings of ferrying 8 foot by 2 foot sheets of styrofoam home, then priming… gluing… and painting… and painting… Just 5 pots of paint, numerous gluesticks and a couple of rolls of gaffer later, pacman was born.

To the left is a thumbnail of the inside of pacman – showing the ‘suspension system’. A bar in the middle of pacman served as a kind of primitive handlebar, and also allowed me to hang it off my shoulders using the webbing from a backpack.

With the front suspended, I was then able to use a scarf tied to the back bar (not visible in this pic, but it’s right at the back of pacman behind the bar you can see) to balance it out. Pull on the scarf to raise the back of pacman, and let out a little to lower it. Not ideal but I was running out of time!

Meanwhile, my better half was busy constructing the ghosts… more hours of sewing, styrofoam, cutting material, gluing, and umbrella fitting… finally we were ready to go.

It was easy to organise the man-with-a-van… we didn’t think we could carry them on the subway. Van turns up, and it’s too small – despite us repeating that these things are 6′ by 6′ by 2′. Plus he’s half an hour late. So we decide that our only option is the subway. To say that carrying these things on the subway at rush hour is fun, would be an understatement. It was GREAT fun! <cough>

UPDATE: someone just sent me the link to the ‘most viewed’ photos on yahoo! news (images of the yahoo pages are here and one of the ‘most viewed’ section here).

UPDATE: Another update… ‘legocouple’ on flickr has now got the ‘in-the-making’ pictures of the pacman and ghosts up… see here for more!

Anyway, made it down just in time, and walked/chased/zigzagged through the parade route. Later, we walked back to the subway entrance (via many many comments, among which were ‘hm, that doesn’t look like a convenient costume’… or… ‘wow!!! cheese!!!’… or… ‘wow, that’s the best costume I’ve seen all night!’), and squeezed our way back to the house.

Pacman costumes in Halloween parade

I’m still a bigger fan of last year’s efforts, which won us 2nd place (which we just found out last week) in the NYC village parade costume contest. The heads are still sitting in our living room, staring out at us:

Lego Wedding... Relaxing

There’s also the flickr site with the ‘In the making’ story of the legos here. And a kinda amusing video where I’m attempting to walk across the road to my bride!…

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